Nice to meet you

Joe & Bella Garcia

Lead Pastors

Joe & Bella are the lead pastors here at The River, an apostolic centre located in West Hamilton, in Ontario, Canada.

Joe & Bella have been happily married for over 30 years and have three children: Andrew, Joel, and Rachel. Together they are business owners, revivalists, authors, social media influencers and conference speakers.

They have ministered in many nations of the world, including Mozambique, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, the USA, Portugal, Bulgaria, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Their purpose is to passionately and intentionally pursue the Presence of God, equip the saints, and raise up leaders and world changers.

Joe also leads the Ontario Prophetic Council and is part of the Canadian Prophetic Council.

You can follow and subscribe to their YouTube Channel called "Living Your Best Life - with Joe & Bella"

They also have written several books titled;

"Igniting Your Day"

31 Day Devotional to Ignite God's Word In Your Life


Skillfully Navigating The Process of Your Journey

"Overcoming Discouragement"

31 Keys to Bring You Freedom and Joy

Their books are available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle or through their personal webpage

Ross & Noreen Brown

Associate Pastor

Ross and Noreen have been happily married since 1987, and have 3 amazing adult children; Jordan, Danielle (married to Curtis) and Nathan. During their 35 years of ministry, they have worked as full-time leaders with Youth For Christ (where they met), ran successful youth ministries, planted three churches, launched an organization to minister to families with missing children, and started a family business which they ran for 10 years, called Curbs in the Burbs.

Both Ross and Noreen have a passion for people. Ross is a Pastor, Shepherd, and teacher. He is a leader that develops leaders and releases people to be all that God has called them to be!

Noreen has been a business owner for 29 years and during that time been a leader, conference speaker, trainer and mentor to many successful women.

They love to see people “Getting Unstuck” from their broken past so they can be released to encounter all that God has for them. With a Shepherd/Pastors heart, they desire to see men and women of all ages grow in their understanding of how amazing God is, and how he has so much more for them. As they mentor individuals and married couples, they are constantly reminded that God is good, He still speaks, He keeps His promises, He wants no one to perish, He is the path to freedom, He knows your name, and He wants all of us to practice what we preach!

Lori Willan

Administrative Pastor

Lori has been serving the Lord since she was saved just just shy of her 14th birthday. Called into full time ministry, she went to Bible College for 4 years which included a 2 month internship at Woodvale Pentecostal Church (now The River International Church). She then spent the next 19 years working in a local Christian based women's shelter with women and children in crisis due to domestic violence and/or homelessness while making Woodvale/The River her home church. Heeding God's direction she left that position and spent the next 2 years volunteering at her home church. At this point she came full circle and joined the pastoral staff in 2010. She is an avid reader and Jays and Leafs fan. Although she loves to worship she's more of a "make a joyful noise" singer and her giftings lie in teaching and administration.

Eli & Lissette Navas

Worship Pastor

Eli and Lissette Navas have served as Pastors for more than 20 years throughout El Salvador, the United States, and Canada. God moved them to move to Canada in 2011 and thus begin a new ministerial and family life in Hamilton Ontario. Eli is a pastor, musician, and songwriter with a passion for worship through music that has led him to record and produce many personal projects. Currently Eli is a

Worship Pastor and founder of his own YouTube channel "Hope4TodayTV" in which he talks about various topics of the Bible where he teaches and motivates the English and Spanish-speaking community to continue believing that God has a plan for all of us. Eli has been married to Lissette for over 17 years and they have three children: Valeria, Gabriel, and Allissa with whom they have traveled and served throughout Ontario and Saskatchewan bringing God's message to those most in need.